Europe Accused of Letting Human Traffickers Thrive in Libya

Increasing populism all over Europe is resulting in a rise of human trafficking violations in Libya. More and more migrants are getting trapped at the detention centers in Libya and are being sold into slavery. This was pointed out by aid officials at a conference recently.

The number of political parties with a primarily anti-immigration agenda in countries all over Europe such as Slovenia and Italy is rising. Additionally, efforts are being all over Europe to reduce the flow of migration. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for migrants living in Libya to leave. As such, they are easy targets for human traffickers.

According to a senior official at the UN Refugee Agency, it has become more difficult for the migrants to escape from Libya. The traffickers need to monetize their investments after all. These traffickers not only sell people but also lease and even rent them.

Additionally, it has been noticed that the number of migrants that reach Italy have decreased by a considerable margin since July 2017. This is due to the fact that a major smuggling group based in Libya reached a deal for stopping the departures thanks to Italian pressure. The coastguard of Libya has also forced more migrants to turn back. They intercept the migrants at sea, with support from the European Union.

It is imperative for European countries to put in more effort to prevent illegal trade of inflatable boats in Libya. These boats have been responsible for the deaths of innumerable migrants as they try to cross the sea with them.


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