Europe Should Force the UN to Question North Korea’s Human Rights Abuses

In June 2017, most of you must have gone through the image of a comatose Otto Warmbier being carried out of a plane in the US and it offered a glimpse of life and death. Warmbier died from mysterious injuries endured in a North Korean prison while serving a sentence of 15 years of hard labor after he took a political banner from his Pyongyang hotel. During his 17 months in detention, Warmbier might have experienced various kinds of physical abuse and torture which North Korean detainees commonly encounter.

Even though the US stopped from being actively involved from the issue of North Korea’s abuses in front of the UN Security Council, but other nations, chiefly those from Europe desperately thinks that the issue must be brought in front of the EU.

Five years back, a United Nations commission of inquiry released a scary report on imprisonment, murder, enslavement, rape, torture, and forced abortion in North Korea. The futility of holding North Korean leaders accountable directed the commission to suggest that the UN Security Council should point the situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Since the release of the report, the Security Council has met every December to review its ghastly findings.

China, North Korea’s ally, defender and a permanent council member, along with Russia and other rights-abusing states, would assert that human rights were not a threat to international peace and protection. However, at least 9 of the 15 council members dissented, and for four years in a row the council highlighted on North Korea’s human rights record.

The council is yet to respond to the suggestion of the commission, which includes the referral to the ICC. Well, Otto Warmbier and other millions of victims of North Korea’s cruel leadership are waiting for justice and bring an end to these unparalleled acts of crime.

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