Fdi to Fico States That They Hope That They Haven’t Covered Emir

Andrea Delmastro, the parent company of Fratelli d’Italia in the Foreign Affairs Committee while discussing stated that he was afraid that he was not misled when he saw the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico. Andrea stated that he saw Robert Fico was sitting as if he was the expert of the room along with the Emir. He added that the Emir holds a contrasting concept of democracy and it doesn’t match his viewpoint or definition of democracy.

While speaking during the Foreign Affairs Committee Meeting in the hall, he stated that he hopes and believes that during the discussion, President Fico asked the Emir if he was the same person who used to finance the Islamic fundamentalism in Syria and Libya on earlier occasions. Andrea further added that he hopes that President Fico has requested the Emir to provide warranties or a certificate of assurance on the financing of Italian mosques and Italian Islamic centers which are responsible for spreading Islamic fundamentalism. He is looking forward to wishing that President Fico can also provide a warranty to this house, which has protected the Italians and not covers the acts of the Emir who finances Islamic fundamentalism.

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