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Filipino Deportation From Israel Halted Temporarily

Hope is not all lost for those who are still awaiting respectable living conditions in countries where they don’t have citizenship. In a recent move, the deportation of a Filipino migrant worker and her Israeli-born teenage son Rohan has been finally delayed at the last minute.

Filipino immigrants who have been given legal employment in Israel are facing the risk of being deported, with their children feeling insecure and unsure about their identity and future.

This has come about because the initial visas were issued by Israel government on the condition that Filipino employed individuals would not start a family in the country apart from certain exceptions.

Israel did not want their community to be colored by other race and nationalities procreating in their land. Media reports confirm that Rosemarie Perez was arrested by immigration officials along with her 13-year-old son last Tuesday for remaining in the country illegally. They were taken to Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv on Sunday night but later taken off the plane.

A court had rejected Perez’s plea to stay, immigration authority spokeswoman Sabine Haddad told the media. It seems she had been staying in Israel as an illegal immigrant for close to 10 years.

However, United Children Of Israel (UCI) has argued that it would not be humane to send the child like other children of migrants to a country they have never seen and where they do not speak the language. Last week, migrants, their children, and Israelis staged a protest in Tel Aviv against the policy of deporting Israeli-born children of migrants.

Many of the 28,000 — largely Christian — Filipinos in Israel arrived to work as caregivers and home help, but according to UCI, some 600 families could now face expulsion over a loss of residency status.

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