Fractured Political and Military Landscape Is Helping ISIS to Regroup

The situation of Syria is not at all same that use to be few years back. Attacks in Raqqa are changing the situation, i.e., taking a lethal toll, seizure of new territories with bases, and execution of fighters. In the meanwhile Isis is gradually emerging from the shadows of Syria’s battlefields. The return of the jihadists is going to change the dynamics.

Syrian and Turkish militias while speaking to The Independent provided a complete picture of maneuvering by distinctive groups who are a part of the conflict. It has been seen that the shifting of alliance has been helping the Islamist terrorist group. It is rumored that around 8,000 to 10,000 Isis fighters are still remaining in Iraq and Syria. Since the US forces left Iraq, it rebranded itself and started to capture huge territories in Syria. The way it has started to expand, it has almost reached the gates of Baghdad.

One of the sons of Isis leader got killed recently in an attack by the combined forces of Russia and Syria in Homs. However, the American and Russian forces couldn’t kill the Isis leader. According to latest report, it has been claimed that the Isis leader might be in Iraq. From Iraq itself he is conducting his operation. It has been reported that he has been deploying his commanders to those areas where they used to have a strong hold or fled during the aerial attacks.

However some rebel fighter who fought against the Isis refused to accept statements issued by the western countries that Isis has been finished. Rather, it is providing contradictory statement as they have witnessed Isis people fleeing with their weapons in cars. Off late, they have again resurfaced in some countries and looking for ways to increase their power.

US President Donald Trump ordered detachment of US from Syria and limiting the funds for civil and military projects.

There has been a growing disappointment among local people for forced conscriptions placed by the West allies on Isis territories and also for the tax levied. HOWEVER, Russian forces are suffering huge loses with the coming back of Isis. Last week, Isis executed members of other rebel group. The increasing attack by Isis is not only a thing of concern but increate the rate of violence.


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