France Initiates Manhunt to Search for Gunman Attacking French Christmas Market

Last Tuesday, in a French Christmas Market in Strasbourg a masked killer had openly fired on a peaceful gathering injuring more than a dozen people and killing 2. The suspect reportedly then got into a crossfire with the police and got shot. Unluckily, he fled the vicinity in a taxi before the cops to get to him.

Current news reports state that France has presently initiated a manhunt to find the suspect who is still at large. Even the German police have been alerted in case the suspect decides to cross the border.

Witnesses’ state hearings the gunman say “Allahuakbar” before opening fire in the French Christmas Market. Till now 2 confirmed deaths have been reported with the 3rd victim to be brain dead.

The Gunman now identified as ChérifChekatt is reportedly a 29-year old man hailing from Strasbourg. Possessing previous criminal records this man was arrested numerous times on records of homicide. The police had ransacked his home prior to the attack and found several grenades, caliber knives, ammunition, and a 22-caliber rifle.

Prosecutors speculate the police visit might have promoted him to attack the French Christmas Market. However, the gunman wasn’t at home, so the police have sent reports and identification documents to various others investigation forces.

Currently, neighbors are being questioned and security is at its peak. Soon enough, the police are positive they will bring in the questioned gunman and have justice delivered.


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