French President Plans to Enforce Firm Rules on Asylum and Immigration

A queue in front of the immigration office, before the break of dawn is the present scenario in France. In 2017, around one hundred thousand people had sought shelter from the French authorities. Even though the number of people who immigrated to Germany was much higher, the number on immigrants to France increased by seventeen percent.

What did France to Attract Immigrants in 2017?

Many immigrants had chosen Germany or Sweden over France and they often used the country to reach Britain. Germany had welcomed the Syrian and Iraqi immigrants with open arms. France had rented coaches and had sent them to Munich so that some immigrants might be tempted to come to France. The plea had not been very successful as the carriages returned in a half-empty condition.

Present Scenario

At present hundreds of applicants are lining up in front of the French immigration center. The immigrants are being led by the Albanians, Afghans, Haitians and Sudanese.

What did Macron Say?

Macron had claimed that the German President had saved the dignity of the continent by opening the doors to the immigrants. Even though he had approved the deed done by the German President, he himself is tightening the rules regarding asylum in his country.

Development of a New Law

The French President is planning to enforce a new asylum bill which will come in to being from the next month. The French Prime Minister claims that the new bill will accelerate the asylum procedure and will improve the condition in the asylum centers. The illegal immigration can also be reduced when the new laws will be enforced. The new asylum bill has also been severely criticized by many people.

Which Laws Might Be Implemented?

In case asylum has been refused, the applicant needs to reapply within a period of fifteen days. The previous deadline for reapplication was thirty days. There would be an increase in the maximum time of detention for the illegal immigrants from a period of forty-five days to ninety days.

Rebellion within the Government

The governing party is witnessing rebellion within itself and in order to deal with the situation, they are organizing a series of meetings to explain the context broadly. Last year a lot of people from Albania had applied for asylum in spite of Albania being a safe country. Only six percent of the applicants were granted asylum in comparison to the other nationalities. In 2017, a huge number of Syrians had applied for asylum and around ninety-five percent of the applications were granted.

Do you think the tightening of asylum and immigration will create an impact in the life of the applicants?


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