Gaza Israel Frontier Calms down with Enemies carefully cease fire

Following an Egyptian conciliation attempts, Palestinian militants and Israeli forces stopped their firing late on Tuesday. Thereby, bringing a period of comparative peace on the Gaza frontiers, since the violent air strikes and rocket salvoes were fired during the 2014 war. However, both sides made it apparent that the interlude was an armed suspension, instead of long-term compromise.
The fighting came to an end around 5 pm 1500 GMT and a Palestinian official updated on the bargaining. He stated that the Gaza wing refrained firing as a part of a deal projected by Egypt. Israeli officers affirmed that Cairo participated on the Tuesday’s arrangements.
From 12th November, Israeli airstrikes had killed seven Palestinians, which included five gunmen. Many buildings which were used by Gaza’s ruling Hamas Islamists were also damaged. In fact, the
residents of southern shelter started to search for a hideout as soon as the sirens were sounded.
The joint command of the Palestinian armed wing in Gaza stated during a statement that they would adhere by the armistice until the Zionist enemy maintains the same.
Yuval Steinitz Israeli security minister stated that after a cabinet discussion which lasted for several hours he came to know about no formal truce. In fact, he stated that Israel had given a harsh and exceptional blow on Hamas and the terrorist groups in Gaza. They would decide if the similar action would be needed later on or not.

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