Gaza Warned by US Prior To War

Gaza had been pushed to the brink of war because of the latest instances of fighting between Palestinian Hamas and Israel. The Security Council had been warned by the US envoy. Nickolay Mladenov had warned the Security Council but the council was not able to figure out any way to respond to the fight which had taken place between Palestinian militants and Israel in the Gaza strip.

He had stated that the latest rounds of fighting portrayed that war is inevitable. At the request of the United States, the Security Council had met in emergency session. At the meeting, the highest UN body was asked to prevent the rocket firings made my Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the country of Israel. Kuwait is a non-permanent council member representing the Arab countries had blocked the statements drafted by the US. Kuwait had argued that it had presented its own resolutions to cater to the crisis.

In early hours of Tuesday, Israel was attacked with a barrage of rocket and mortars. Israel had retaliated to the attack by striking 65 militant sites in the Gaza strip. The violence had escalated with time and more than 100 Palestinians had lost their lives during the protests by the Israeli forces. Mladenov had stated that no one in Gaza could afford a war at present. Kuwait is trying to have a vote in the council on its draft resolution for considering the measures which would protect the civilians of Palestine.

The US possesses the veto power in the council and is expected to oppose the measure. US Ambassador Nikki Haley had stated that the people of Gaza needed protection from Hamas and no help from any external source was required. Since the council was facing a deadlock. France claimed that it might be harmful to the UN.


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