Global Conference of National Counter-terrorism Chiefs Could Improve Cooperation

Top officials of the United Nations who heads the Office of Counter Terrorism have claimed that the individuals leading the fight from a local to an international level would be provided the opportunity to show unity and speak with a professional voice. Vladimir Voronkov, Under-Secretary-General of the Office of Counter-Terrorism mentioned that defending terrorism groups like the ISIL must involve the level of local communities, state and international cooperation. Only by following this kind of approach, the results can be comprehensive.

The next High- Level Conference on Counter-Terrorism is scheduled to take place on Thursday and the meeting would focus on improving the cooperation in order to combat the evolving threat of terrorism which is engulfing the world. The experts and civil society representatives would be attending the meeting. The aim of the meeting would be to move forward and improve the resilience.

He mentioned that after the defeat of ISIL, the development of resilient society and resilient state is the primary task for counter-terrorism activities. The Under-Secretary-General stated that by cooperating with the private sector, especially the global internet based companies like Google and Facebook is very important. He stated that they were doing a commendable job in this regard and remarked that by expanding the number of countries which are involved in championing specific areas of counter-terrorism was vital.

The different member states would be organizing sessions on financing counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism and incitement. The grass-root level needed to be taught the counter-terrorism propaganda. He mentioned that it is very important from the angle of human rights that human beings are not easy in every situation because their lives were put to risk and danger by the militants and terrorist groups.


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