Grenade Attack in Ethiopia Claims Two Lives, Leaves Dozens Injured

Ethiopian officials have stated that two people have lost their lives and dozens have been left injured after an explosion took place at a huge political rally for the new prime Minister Ably Ahmed. The Prime Minister stated that it was an unsuccessful attempt by the people who did not wish to see the country united. He was whisked away just after the blast took place. A grenade was thrown among thousands of people who had gathered in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square.

The deputy chief of police of the city is in custody on charges of security lapses and eight policemen who were in-charge of securing the site are under interrogation. The Health Minister of the country Tweeted that two people had lost their lives and 44 people were hospitalized out of which 5 were in a critical condition. Abiy had become the Prime Minister after the unexpected resignation of his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn.

Abiy is also the first leader of the country who represents the ethnic Oromo group which has been protesting against the government for three years. Ever since he has taken up office, he has passed a number of reforms including the unblocking of numerous TV channels and websites. He is also ready to have a complete peace deal with Eritrea which was signed in 2000 following a two-year war.

Eritrea has criticized the attack which was made at the rally of the Prime Minister. The US embassy in Addis Ababa has also criticized the incident and has stated that violence did not have a place because the country had adopted meaningful economic and political reforms.  Recently, an Ethiopian rebel group had suspended its armed resistance against the government. The reforms implemented by Abiy gave the country new hopes.


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