A Guide to Salaries in Hollywood

The Time’s Up movement caught the world by storm recently, changing the very fundamentals of how Hollywood functions. It is remarkable to note the various ways the Time’s Up and the #MeToo movements have affected the status quo. While the focus has mainly been on the sexual misconduct, there is another major aspect of work in Hollywood that has been grabbing headlines and that is the salary.

It is a fact that Hollywood is notorious for its wage gap. However, the extent of the gap has never really been dealt with in depth before the fiasco involving Wahlberg and Williams. Wahlberg most probably never realized that his co-star for the movie got a fraction of what he did for the reshoots. However, he did try to make up for it by donating whatever he earned to the Time’s Up movement.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that salaries in Hollywood tend to work in a significantly different way than in other industries. It is not just gender bias that dictates the salary but also the quote system.

The Quote System

The quote of an actor is basically the amount that is charged by an actor or an actress for working in a film. However, this quote is not necessarily fixed. It can vary between movies. After all, Hollywood is all about making money. As a result, Wahlberg’s agents could charge more for his work since he has worked in big franchises like the Transformers. Those movies, having earned more money at the box office, allowed Wahlberg to charge more. Awards don’t necessarily mean more money. For this reason Williams’s agents couldn’t charge as much despite her more Oscar nominations.

Of course, agents always try to increase the base quote for their actors since they get 10% off the top. Once they manage to secure a higher quote; that quote becomes the base for the next movie that comes along the agent’s way.

The Perks

Quotes are not the only way to earn money in Hollywood. If the agents are demanding more but the quote remains fixed, there is another way to secure more money. That method is basically asking for a percentage of the money collected by the movie after release.

There are several more details which complicate the way salaries are calculated in Hollywood. However, the fact remains that women are still getting lower amounts than their male co-stars.


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