Here’s Why Tens of Thousands of People Protested in Iran

The anti-government protests of Iran were a display of the political unrest have left 20 people dead and it doesn’t appear to subside. Since Thursday, several protesters have formed the largest opposition against the government since 2009’s volatile presidential election. The ferocity and scale of the protest made the clerical leaders of Tehran struggle so that they respond to the most serious internal crisis faced by the country in this decade.

Iran, with a powerful security force hasn’t asked for the help of the Revolutionary Guard and also the Basij militia that have flattened the 2009 demonstrations just by killing some of the protesters.

Protests broke out on 28th of December in Mashhad’s Northern City, spurred in the beginning by the concern over the stunted economy of the country and the high priced goods such as eggs which experienced a 40% jump in its price. In the next six days, the protests on over two dozen town are going to turn into an open rebellion against the Islamic leadership of Iran.


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