Houthi Leader Killed In Airstrike

It has been confirmed that a top leader of the Houthis, an Iranian militia, was killed during an air strike in Yemen. Saleh Ali al-Sammad, the killed Houthi, was the most senior official of the group to have been killed since the intervention of the coalition in 2015 when Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, the internationally-recognized President of Yemen, was forced to escape from his own country.

Sammad was second on the most-wanted list of the coalition. In fact, a reward of $20 million had been on offer for any information which would lead to his capture. His death marks a major victory for the forces trying to protect Yemen from the Iranian militia.

Sammad was born in Wadi Saber located in the Sahar district, a part of Saada governorate. A former employee of the Education Office of Saada, Sammad left his job and became a part of the Iranian militia called the Houthis. He became one of the movement’s founders and developed close ties not only with Iran but also Hezbollah.

He was also responsible for helping the Iranian militia expand. He also gave them contributions to ensure that the militias were well funded.

Sammad later became the head of the cultural section of the Houthis. He played an important role in misleading public by falsifying events and strong rhetoric. He made use of the unstable conditions in Yemen between 2011 and 2014 to portray the Houthi rebels in a positive manner.

He was considered to be among the most dangerous leaders of the Iranian militia due to his extensive influence. As such, his death is sure to deal a massive blow to the operations of the Houthis in Yemen.


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