Houthi Rebels Pushed into Negotiations by Iran in Order to Save Nuclear Pact

The European Union and Iran made discussions in order to curb the conflict in Yemen. Tehran had pledged to ensure a ceasefire between the government forces and the Houthi rebels. The main aim is to pacify the humanitarian crisis which prevails in the region.

Iran had denied its association with the Houthis for a very long period of time. In November 2017, the Islamic country had accepted its association with the Houthis. Mohammad Ali Jafari, the head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps had stated that Tehran provided advice to the rebel group. After the US President scrapped the Iran nuclear deal, there had been an urge to initiate negotiations to curb the crisis.

Trump had stated that the United States would step back from the deal because of Iran’s association with the terrorist groups in Middle East. Tehran had confirmed that they would be pushing the Houthis to end the conflict which had battered Yemen since 2014. It had been said that Iran was aware that all its allies were retreating and hence the attitude of the country had changed slightly.

Ali al-Bukhaiti, a Yemeni political analyst based in Jordan had stated that Iran was utilizing the blood of the Yemenis to negotiate matters to save the nuclear deal. He stated that Yemen would be destroyed in the process but Iran would be reaping the benefits. Abdulkhaleq al-Shahari, a Senior Military Adviser in Yemen’s National Army had stated that the international community was also responsible for the negative role which Iran had played in the region.

After days of intense conflict, thousands of citizens had escaped. They had discarded their city Hodeida which was an important city for the millions of citizens receiving food and medical supplies by using the port.


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