Human Rights Group Alleges Turkey Stopping the Registration of Syrian Refugees

According to a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW), Turkish authorities have stopped the registration process of the newly arrived Syrian refugees. Sources informed that only a handful of refugees were registered as asylum seekers. With the registration process coming to a halt, the refugees face the risk of unlawful deportation; denial of basic services like health care and education; and forced returns to Syria.

Many Syrians are fleeing their home country in order to avoid the conflict in homeland. In response to the allegations made by the HRW, an official stated that Turkey always open heartedly welcomed all Syrian refugees and will still welcome them. However, HRW claimed that Turkey suspended the registration process.

Researchers found out that Turkey hosted around 3.5 million refugees of Syrian civil war. Even the generosity won international acclaim, growing tension still existed. Since 2015, the border remained closed for refugees and those who are still entering Turkey are either being smuggled or eluding border patrols.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Istanbul governorate along with nine provinces was found guilty of such practice. HRW also claimed that since 2015, many Syrians faced restriction in their freedom of movement within Turkey. Without the special travel permits, Syrians were not allowed to move. However, Turkish authorities denied such accusations. In fact, the Turkish officials mentioned that the people, especially Syrian refugees who are in Turkey have access to various kinds of services.

HRW associate refugee programme director accused Europe of turning a blind eye to the problems faced by the Syrian refugees in Turkey. However, studies have shown that Turkey has taken more refugees than any other countries. However, the huge influx of immigrants in putting pressure on the services and causing tension with the local communities.

The newly re-elected President Recep Taaayyip Erdogan agreed to return 3.5 million refugees back to Syria.


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