Hundreds of bodies unearthed from Isis mass grave in Syria

Terror and inhumane actions unveiled as rescuers discover more than hundreds of bodies from mass graves in Syria. According to reports, even though the US air and ground offense succeeded in driving out the ISIS from Raqqa, their self-declared caliphate, rescuers keep coming across more mass graves. Till date, 9 graves have been discovered and rescuers are at their wit’s end as the bodies keep decomposing at a tremendous rate. The largest grave discovered trill date is the Panorama grave named after its neighborhood. This grave is by far most morbid and the largest one excavated in its vicinity with about 1500 dead bodies.
The rescuer team consisting of workers and forensic officers are presently trying to understand the action of crime committed. According to an official heading one team, Hammoud al-Shawakh, amongst all the dead discovered, 516 of them belonged to ISIS fighters themselves.
The bodies buried moreover were deliberated to be the result of the campaign organized by the US to drive out the ISIS from Raqqa. Further, reports by the deputy forensic field doctor Abdul Raouf al-Ahmad state that certain deaths may be the result of a battle or ancillary murders. The forensic team is presently working 7 hours straight to discover and excavate bodies.
Bodies dug out are then studied with careful considerations. Each body is screened for clothing, jewelry, height, type of injury to the wrapping done before disposing of it. This helped the forensic team to find out whether the bodies belonged to ISIS, men, US coalition, child or women.
However, with the number of graves piling up, the Human Rights groups are under a lot of pressure. They comment they lack the manpower to deal with the number of bodies cropping up. Now, if the bodies are not preserved in due time they will decompose faster and the government will end up losing evidence over the accountability of the type of crimes committed.

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