Over Hundreds of ISIS Fighters Trying To Barge in Iraq from Syria

According to the Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi, more than hundreds of fighters from the ISIS group are trying to cross into the country from Syria. He is currently dealing with the legacy of war of Iraq against the ISIS group in the form of attacks that are rebellious and fighters are returning because of that, after just a month of becoming the Prime Minister of the country. However, he also said that the forces from Iraq are all carrying out their duties to anticipate the infiltration into the border and cross over into Iraq that is attempted by the ISIS group.
Adel Abdul Mahdi is also of the thought that the extremists are gearing up for recapturing territory that they had lost to the military forces of Iraq during their battle against the extremist group which went on for three years. As of now, the immediate has been handled, said Hashed Al Shaabi, who is a commander with the Iraqi militia. The unit led by him has dissatisfied an attempt by the ISIS to enter the country in pick-up trucks. He also mentioned that the forces led by him are always alert and they are ready indeed to intercept into any kind of potential invasion.
The security that has been heightened by Iraq and also the warning have followed some weeks of the clashes that took place between Syria forces led by Kurdish and ISIS. It can be suggested that the extremists are trying to look for other locations where they can shift towards the east across the border into the Anbar region of Iraq. Even they are trying to shift because they are in an attempt to regroup.
It has been estimated by the coalition that 2000 fighters from ISIS will remain in the Hajin pocket near the border with Iraq.

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