Hundreds of Scholars Chides China over Xinjiang Camp

Nations might target China with penalties over the bulk detention of ethnic Uighurs in the western Xinjiang region. Hundreds of scholars while making this statement on 26th November also mentioned that in case nations fail to take some action, it would indicate the approval of the fact that the innocent civilians can be tortured.
Over the last few months, Beijing has faced protests from academics, activists, and foreign governments over mass detentions and harsh surveillance over the Muslim Uighur minority group and other ethnic group living in Xinjiang.
A UN human rights panel mentioned that it received reports about millions of Uighurs and other minorities being held in the detention camp. Spokesperson of the group of 278 scholars belonging to a different field of study urged China to finish their imprisonment policies. They demanded that important Chinese leaders and security companies be subjected to penalties.
In a statement, the group commented that the situation needs to be tackled in order to avert setting a negative example related to the acceptability of any state’s total oppression of the minority segment of the population, especially depending on the ethnicity or religion. The group also stated that nations should accelerate asylum requests coming from Xinjiang’s Muslim minorities; apart from initiating a movement for UN action directed towards the examination of this major detention system and shutting down the camps.
China rejected the opinion of the actions underway in Xinjiang stating that they protect the religion as well as the culture of minorities. It added that the security measures are required in order to diminish the influence of the extremist groups who are triggering violence.
China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that the world shouldn’t pay heed to the rumors about Xinjiang and have faith in the government. However, Chinese officials stated that people guilty of minor crimes being sent to vocational training camps in order to teach skills and for limiting militancy.

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