Investigation Regarding Qatar’s Human Rights Violations Demanded

The United Nations has been asked by the Manama Center for Human Rights to assign an envoy in Qatar who has specialized in human rights. The demand was done to curb further violation of human rights in the Qatar region. On last Friday, the center made such a demand to the international organization to investigate the situation of violation of human rights. The statement also disclosed the fact that, the Qatari National Committee for Human Rights works according to the interest and favors of Doha and is not and independent body.

The tribe of Qatari Al-Ghufran framed a complaint against the regime to the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which is being renewed now. The formal complaint was done to investigate the violations in human rights which included property seizures, arrest, forced migration, torture and revocation of nationality. Last September Gufran has lodged a complaint against Doha which explained how the human rights were violated in Qatar.

The Spokesperson of the Qatari tribe, Jaber Abdel Hady said to Sky news that they wondered why their complaint got ignored. A delegation of 12 members went to Geneva to attend the session at UNHRC. Qatar has been constantly alleged for its impeachment of human rights violations. Foreign workers specially the ones who went there for constructing the stadium for World Cup 2022 are severely affected.

According to a newspaper, 4,000 migrants are risk of death because they are denied human rights. Even the officials of Qatar do not show any kind of mercy towards them. The migrant workers have to work in soaring high temperatures in summer. 15 workers are accommodated in one room and they are not even given the right to complain. The workers are treated as slaves and their situation can be termed as non-humanitarian as said by the newspaper named Construction Week Online.

The Arab Quartet which comprises of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE had cut out on Qatar due to its support towards terrorism. Qatar was hit by the worst crisis on the diplomatic front when the Arab Quartet decided to cut off diplomatic ties with Doha on 5th June 2017. Doha was further imposed with economic sanctions and accused of financing terrorism.

Land, air and sea traffic from and to, to Qatar was stopped with the Arab Quartet, even the ambassadors and diplomats from Doha were withdrawn. 13 demands later decreased to 6 were made to Doha by the Arab Quartet which included Doha’s cutting off of relation with Iran, closing down the news channel named Al-Jazeera and not interfering in the internal matters regarding Arab Nations.


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