Iran blasted by Trump as ‘leading sponsor of terrorism’

During his speech in the United Nations, President Donald Trump attacked the Iranian leadership by claiming that the regime was showcasing “chaos, death and destruction.”

The accusation was made during an address in which the US President once more criticized the international norms and order. He further defended his decision to pull out from the Iran nuclear deal. It was promoted and signed by former President Barack Obama.

He added that Iran is the world’s leading terrorism sponsor and they can’t allow them to have the most dangerous weapons. The US will not let the regime which chants ‘death to America’ and which is threatening Israel to be annihilated to have nuclear warhead to any part of the world.

During his speech, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was very critical of the hostile policy embraced by Washington for his country and told that the efforts undertaken to achieve that would be doomed. He added that the economic war which has been started by the US by the new sanctions targets not only the people of Iran but also will have severe repercussions on the other nations of the world. This war has led to a disruption in the level of global trade.

The comments from Trump came just a few days after there was an attack on Iranian soil during a military parade which killed at least 25 people. The attack was carried out by militants who were dressed as soldiers as the members of the Iran Revolutionary Guard marched through the city. The attack has been claimed by Arab separatists and the ISIS. The Iranian officials have put the blame on the US and the Gulf countries. The Iranians have promised of “devastating” impact in response to the US and the allies it has who were involved.


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