Iran Cautions US, Israel of Revenge after Parade Attack

The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard admonished the leaders of US and Israeli to wait for a destructive response from Tehran. Both the US and Israel has been blamed for having involvement during an attack on the military parade in the city of Ahvaz. During a speech before the funeral of the victims who were killed during the attack, Hossein Salami made this statement.

Over thousands of people were present on the streets of the city of Ahvaz in order to mourn for the victims who were killed during the attack. The attack killed 25 people, among which 12 were members of the elite Revolutionary Guards.

The coffins of the victims were covered with the flag of the Islamic Republic and were carried by mourners. Some mourners even held the picture of a four-year-old boy who was killed during the assault. It has been the worst attack on the military force of the Islamic Republic.

Four attackers started to fire on a viewing stand in Ahvaz where Iranian officials had assembled to observe an annual event. The annual event usually marks the start of 1980-1988 Islamic Republic’s war with Iraq. In order to hide from the bullets, soldiers had to crawl on the streets.

Top leaders of Iran accused the United State’s Gulf Arab allies for the massacre that took place in the heart of the city. The accusation would cause problem with Iran’s regional enemy Saudi Arabia. The UAE is a close associate of Saudi Arabia and Washington refuted the allegations hinting of the involvement during the violence.

Defense Minister, Amir Hatami even cautioned about revenge from the Iranian nation. Intelligence minister, Mahmoud Alavi stated that a large number of suspects in connection with the assault are under arrest.

A video was released by Islamic State’s Amaq agency which showed footage of three men on a vehicle heading for the assault. IRGC might not strike directly but it might happen any time.


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