Iran Covers up Death of Social Media Activist Held for Security Charges

According to news sources by the US-based Iranian Human Right Center, VahidSayyadiNasiri, a social media activist and political prisoner of Iran died due to a hunger strike. The prisoner was reportedly not given the right to seek counsel and conferring to inhuman prison conditions he had gone on a hunger strike since the 13th of October. Following his 60 day strike, he died recently in a hospital named ShahidBeheshti Hospital in Qom.

Iran naturally wanting to hide the gory facts, painted a very different version of the story altogether. Rendering to the facts by the Iranian news agency ISNA, the blogger belonged to a Royalist group and had already served jail twice. He was convicted for planning acts of terrorism and sabotage where he allegedly even planned an explosion. His death was not because of the hunger strike but as a result of a damaged liver.

He was ill and taken to a hospital where he lost his life due to his liver condition worsening. A prosecutor form Qom further stated that Nasiri had also insulted the Islamic sanctities on social media and went against Iran numerous times.

Iran further, announced they have detained several journalists who have infiltrated Iran as foreign enemies. Currently, Iran even claimed to launch an operation to find and detain journalists who they claim are state infiltrators. Till now Iran managed to capture 3 journalists and several others are held for questioning regarding their intentions and purpose for infiltrating Iran in guise.

Right now, the Human Rights reserve is vehemently protesting against the harsh treatments given out to journalists and other political prisoners. However, Iran categorically rejects these criticisms claiming that the people protesting has no sense of understanding for the Islamic laws and are nothing more than outlaws.

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