ISIS Car Bomb in Syria Targets US Troops, One Week after Four Americans Were Killed

On Monday, in northeastern Syria, US and local partner forces were attacked by the ISIS. It seems that a vehicle-borne makeshift explosive device has been used for carrying out the assault.
Both the US and its Syrian Democratic Force allies dismissed any resulted casualties from the incident. Even though, local Kurdish news agency immediately announced after the assault that one service member and some local security forces were somewhat wounded. The ISIS-allied news agency took liability for the attack.
Army Col Sean Ryan, a spokesman for the coalition which is working to crush the Islamic State reported that they can affirm that a merged US and Syrian partner force convoy was entailed in an obvious VBIED assault in Syria. However, there were no casualties.
The assault took place on a road outside Al-Shaddadi, a town in Syria’s Al-Hasakah province. The location is a barely a five-hour drive east of the site of the last bomb assault against U.S. troops in the town of Manbij. Al-Shaddadi was freed from ISIS in February 2016. As per the SDF released press release, ISIS militants initiated a suicidal attack on the mission group by making use of an explosive car, where SDF forces strongly dealt with the situation and even took the requires steps in order to avert any casualties.
SDF officials stated that the attack took place during a routine field mission. It even stated that ISIS has been escalating its assaults as the group’s last extent of physical territory disintegrates across Syria. The idea is that ISIS would change to a mutiny after the fall of its Caliphate.
Last week, a group of American military personnel and U.S. Defense Department civilians were assaulted by a suicide bomber while they were holding a meeting in a restaurant in Manbij. ISIS’ suicide offensive come as the group’s power starts to decrease across Syria, especially in the Middle Euphrates River Valley near the Iraq-Syria border. Small villages are being freed from ISIS on a near-weekly basis; however, the terror group has around 20,000 and 30,000 members distributed between Syria and Iraq.


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