ISIS Command Centers Operating inside Mosques Get Struck by the US led Coalition

In less than a week, the US-led allied group who are confronting the ISIS carried out two attacks against two ISIS command centers. The two command centers were functioning from inside the mosques in Syria.
The coalition forces reported that during the first assault, 12 ISIS fighters were killed. The first attack was carried out on 18th October in Syria.
The second assault was carried out on 22nd October. During the second attack, many buildings were destroyed. Most of the buildings were used by the ISIS to initiate attacks against Syrian Democratic Force partners in As Susah, Syria.
A spokesperson from pentagon commented that the ISIS rebels are very disgusting and inhuman. They don’t hesitate to put the life of civilians at risk and even endangers the status of protected targets.
The spokesperson added that the mosque was used as a facility by the group as the group knew that it can’t be targeted easily. However, as the mosque was being used as a military base, the coalition troop could attack it as per the law of war. The ISIS carried out planned attacks on the Syrian allies as well as on the coalition groups from that place. He added that the misuse of the mosque sets a pretty example of the violation of the law of war by the Daesh rebels.
Col Sean Ryan, a spokesperson for the coalition stated that one mosque was being used as a command center; whereas the other one as being used as a protective battle position. While the rebels were attempting to attack the coalition groups, the assault killed them instead.
After controlling to reduce the risk of a life of civilians, the coalition forces locked the targets and carried out strikes. The strikes destroyed the buildings as well as the fighters.


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