ISIS Leader Is Not Dead: US Intelligence

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has not died according to the rumors that were spread but he is hiding somewhere which has been found by the intelligence team of US. The US counter terrorism officials are of the belief that Baghdadi is trying to come up with new strategies for several reasons like decreasing numbers of ISIS fighters, despite he has come up with the unwillingness of getting photographed and he only is willing to speak in public on few occasions.

Among many of the strategies that have been taken up by Baghdadi, one of them is that he wants to rebuild and cultivate the ideological foundations by arranging a developing program for the indoctrinated school going children. According to sources it is one of the few cases where a terrorist leader has managed to avoid the limelight. According to a statement made by a officer said that Baghdadi have gathered the top aides near the city of Deir al- Zour situated in Syria in the mid months of 2017 for a meeting which was held at Raqqa last year which is the capital of group of Iraq.

One public appearance that was confirmed was in the year 2014 when he was seen speaking at a mosque situated near Mosul and it was declared by him that the Islamic state will be established in short time. The rumor that he has gone into ambiguity had led to a number of fake reports which said that he has died or he is on the brink of his dead. Reports were done by the media of different aerial bombings which was carried out by US or the Russia and Baghdadi died in one of those bombings. It was also reported that he have been arrested from Syria.


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