ISIS Rebels Proves Strong against the US Special Forces

Many people might be well aware with the fact that the U.S Special Forces troops has been fighting on the frontlines against ISIS in Afghanistan. According to news source, the small, elite unit of Green Berets is working closely with the Afghan commandos in order to root out the rebels from Nangarhar Province which shares the border with Pakistan.

America has been facing a long-conflict in Afghanistan with the rebels. In spite of facing success, the revolutionaries are proving to be supple for the U.S Special Forces. It is being said that the resilience of the rebels is not because of the support it gets from the neighboring countries.

However, with the Special Forces from the US fighting the rebels, the amount of terrorist activities in the homeland have reduced. The U.S. Special Forces are fighting the ISIS with the help of other forces.

Unlike the Taliban, ISIS is new and is having an alien presence in Afghanistan. ISIS is getting reinforced by the jihadis of Chechnya, Uzbekistan, India, and Pakistan. The commander of the U.S. Special Forces stated that a mutiny which receives support from neighboring countries can’t be easily defeated. He said that two members of his team got killed during inside attacks.

Afghanistan’s terrain is a tough one with steep snow-capped mountains and plunging valleys. ISIS rebels have infested the roads and homes with improvised explosive devices in order to carry attack on the American troops. He mentioned that lately the ISIS is pulling back. Numerous territories have been seized from the rebels and the US Special Forces area helping the local people to reestablish by building checkposts and outposts at different terrain.

The huge ammunition at America’s disposal can drive away the rebel groups. However, in many areas, the government was not able to do much. However, things have changed with Afghan forces becoming well-trained and experienced.


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