Islamic State Would Be Losing Their Last Part from Syrian Territory, Says US

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan on 29th January stated that it is being presumed that the Islamic State would be losing their last fragments of territory in Syria to US backed forces in the coming weeks. However, a US intelligence agency gauged that the militant group would still constitute a threat to the US.
The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, which have been supported by 2000 US troops and air support, are gearing up for a final face-off with Islamic State in eastern Syria after aiding in chasing of the fighters from the towns and cities that used to be the group’s self-declared caliphate.
Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria has been restricted to a tiny pocket with their wives and children, forcing a US-backed militia to slow down its progress in order to safeguard its civilians. Patrick stated that around 99.5% plus of the ISIS controlled territory has been returned to the Syrians. Within two weeks, the returning of the territory would become 100%.
Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump stated that Islamic State had been crushed and also declared about the sudden pull out of American troops in Syria, over the criticism of top advisers, which includes Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who resigned in protest of Trump’s decision.
Critics stated that a US pull out would grant the Islamic State to reassemble and also let loose a threatened attack by Turkey against Kurdish elements within the Syrian Democratic Forces, which Anarka presumes is an addition of the PKK militant group carrying on a revolution on Turkish soil. The SDF has pledged to intensify its operations against Islamic State after a bomb attack killed many people, which included two U.S. soldiers in northern Syria. SDF officials have cautioned of Islamic State resurgence if Washington pulls out US forces.
However, Shanahan stated that ISIS won’t be able to rule in Syria, as ISIS doesn’t have freedom to mass forces. Syria is not any more a safe asylum.

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