Israel Admits the Syria Air Strike and States Their Hunt for Hezbollah comes to an End

Israel has accepted to have carried out air strikes on Damascus International Airport in Syria over the weekend. PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the surgical strike was aimed towards an Iranian weapons repository in Syria. He also added that Israel have finished its mission to hunt down for cross-border tunnels along the Israeli-Lebanese border that was prod by Tehran-friendly Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and destroy them completely, Cautious of publicity around its operations against Iran associated targets on its northern front, Israel has removed its cover over the past few days, as a sign of trust in a campaign carried on amidst tensions with Syria’s big supporter Russia.
In a tweet, Netanyahu stated that Iran’s move highlights the fact that Israel remains dedicated to counter any kind of Iran’s military establishment in Syria. In case, if needed Israel would increase their attacks. He confirmed the news of the armed attack in Syria that took place on the night of 11th January. He added that an Iranian warehouse consisting of Iranian arms was the target.
Syrian state media stated that at the time of the assault the damage was limited as it hit only a warehouse at Damascus airport. On the other hand, Netanyahu also reported that the assault was successfully completed. It was Israeli’s search-and-disassemble assignment against doubtful Hezbollah attack that starts from Lebanon and was
launched in December. The Israeli military stated that the sixth and final tunnel was discovered that was 55 meters deep and reached Israel from 800 meters within Lebanon. Later on, a military spokesperson stated that according to the military’s evaluation there aren’t any more tunnels that have entered Israel.
President Netanyahu stated that even if their mission was a successful one, they would be monitoring the actions of the Hezbollah, Iran as well as its proxies.

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