Israel issues warning to Iran about its military in Syria

Israel has apparently decided to cancel plans for sending its military planes to a joint military exercise to be held with the US. Israel is concerned about the increase in Iranian forces in Syria which is just across the border.

Israeli media took the decision of Israel not to let its F-15 jets take part in the drill to be associated with the worries of a potential attack by Iran. Some believe that armed drones may be involved if such an attack happens. The Israel Defense Forces did confirm that its jets will not be a part.

Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Education Minister, is the latest Israel senior official to confirm that Israel will respond to any threats made by Iran. At a recent event, Bennet compared Iran to an octopus and stated that the country was trying to break the spirits of the Israelis. He went on to say that Israel was a lot stronger than its enemies. It should also be noted that Naftali Bennett is an essential part of the coalition government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, aand is known for his hawkish nature.

In recent weeks, concerns in Israel about Iran’s influence have been rising. Israel is increasingly alarmed at the influence of not only Iran but also Hezbollah, the Lebanese group backed by Tehran.

Since 2012, Israel has made over a 100 strikes in Syria. In most cases, they have targeted weapons convoys suspected to be for Hezbollah.


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