Israel Observes Syrian Army to Be Expanding

The defense minister of Israel announced on 7th August that Syria has been slowly increasing its ground force. At present, Syria’s ground force has moved beyond their previous pre-civil war size. The increasing number of military power clearly indicates that President Bashar al-Assad’s army has recuperated from the shortage of manpower which it faced in the early phases of the war.

The Syrian military was badly hit by major secession during the first years of the conflict, which began in 2011. By 2015, Assad recognized that the lack of manpower signified that the army wasn’t able to fight in every location, as they had the fear of losing their ground.

In order to turn the tide, Russia interceded into the matter. It helped to train the Syrian army. Iran backed Assad, by sending military advisers and allied Shi’ite militia in order to support the troops. According to sources, pro-government forces in the Syrian conflict comprised of local militias, who got trained by the Lebanese Hezbollah and the National Defence Forces.

Israel is closely keeping an eye on the military capacity of Syria. Israel fought three wars with Syria; during which it captured a part of the Golan Heights from Syria. Since the capture of the area, it is being occupied by Israeli forces.

However, with Assad taking back control, Israel is concerned that Assad might disregard the 44-year old Golan demilitarization accord that has preserved the deadlock. In a tweet, Liberman stated that Israel’s military tanks are stationed on parts of the diplomatic plateau which Israel captured from Syria in the war of 1967.

During an interview in May, Assad announced that Syria had upgraded their air defense with the help of Russia.

During a briefing on 19th July, Israel’s chief of armored coup stated that the number of Israeli tanks fielded won’t likely increase, yet an improved tank model might be introduced in 2021.


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