Israel is Prepared for All Situations Claims Israeli Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu had stated that Israel would be prepared for every scenario irrespective of the decision given by the President of the United States. He had stated that they were not looking forward for an escalation with Iran but they were prepared for all kinds of outcomes. He also assured everyone that there was no reason to panic.

Earlier, the Israeli Prime Minister had stated that Iran was planning to destroy Israel. After a joint meeting with the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, he had stated that Iran was bent upon destroying Israel by using dangerous arms in Syria. He also stated that it should be the initiative of the other countries to prevent this destruction.

He stated that everyone would be able to recognize the aggression and Israel did have the right to defend itself. The Israeli chief attended the summit in Nicosia few hours before the announcement in Washington regarding the possible announcement that the United States was withdrawing from the nuclear deal. The Israeli chief is also scheduled to meet the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Netanyahu had stated that Iran had spread a terror network which is spread throughout the world. He claimed that the arms deployed in Syria would be used for a particular purpose against Israel. He warned everyone that if they reach the Mediterranean they can establish a military base in the Mediterranean for the Iranian submarines and ships.

Prime Minister Tsipras stated that he recognized the concerns of the Israeli Prime Minister and he also does not agree with America’s decision to step out of the nuclear deal. The Israeli Prime Minister stated that the decision taken by Trump would put Israel in immediate danger.


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