Israeli Army Turns Away Fleeing Syrian Refugees

A video footage showed that Syrians fleeing from their war-torn country being turned away by Israeli soldiers from the Golan Heights border area. From the footage, it could be seen that several dozens of people approaching the Israeli occupied frontier on 17th July, waving white flags. The waving of the white flags is seen as a request for help.

The Syrians reached the fence separating Israeli occupied Golan Heights from Syria, but were sent back by the Israeli guard. Reporters confirmed about appeals being made by the refugees who were stranded near the fence. The reporter confirmed that the Israeli officer on the Israeli side of the fence told the people to go back using a megaphone. The officer stated that they would be able to help the refugees only when they go back. After the announcement, the disturbed men, women, and children headed back to their makeshift camps.

It has been estimated that around 320000 people have fled to the south having borders with Jordan and Israel, since the government forces backed by Russian army are trying to get hold of the rebel held Derra province. In fact, in the rebel held Derra province, amount of air strikes and shelling have increased. Syrian government helicopters have increased their illegal barrel bombing, which eventually killed more than 100 civilians. It also caused the bombing of six medical facilities.

Civilians left their home town with just a few pieces of clothe. Many of the displaced people are living in cars, makeshift tarpaulin shelters without adequate food and water. The plea of help from Israel appears to be strange considering the historical enmity between the two countries. Syria refused to recognize the creation of Jewish state in 1948 and the two countries remained in a state of war after three rounds of direct fighting. Since civil war began in Syria, Israel provided medical assistance to civilians and fighters near the borders. However, it refused to provide asylum to the citizens.


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