Israeli Jet Strikes Nine Targets of Islamist Hamas Group in Northern Gaza Strip

Israeli jets had struck nine targets which belonged to the Islamist Hamas group in the northern Gaza Strip early in the morning. This move was in response to the incendiary balloons and kites which had been sent by the Palestinians from the territory which had damaged Israeli property. In the Israeli areas close to Gaza Strip, the sound of blaring sirens was also heard at daybreak.

The army announced that three rockets had been launched towards the Israeli region but one fell short and landed in the Gaza Strip. No casualties were reported from the air strikes or the rockets. Recently, the Palestinians had sent kites containing coal embers across the Gaza border in order to set fire to the forests and arid farmlands. May kites also contained a small explosive device in a new tactic and it had caused severe damage.

The Israeli military had fired warning shots in the air and had destroyed the property which belonged to the kite launchers. The Israeli army reservists had given the instruction of flying remote controlled aircrafts to the kites but an effective way to stop the kites is yet to be found. The acts performed by the terrorists are endangering the lives of the residents who are living in southern Israel and large portions of Israeli territory are being damaged.

Around 125 Palestinians have lost their lives when the Israeli troops carried out mass demonstrations along the Gaza border. The tactics adopted by Israel in order to confront the weekly Friday protests have been condemned internationally. Israel claimed that the demonstrations were carried out by the Islamist group Hamas which is in control of the Gaza Strip and they do not consider the fact that Israel has the right to exist. Israel claims that Hamas has provoked violence internationally.


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