In Kenya Hotel Siege Militants and Around 21 People Dead

As per government sources of Kenya, all of the Somali extremists who stormed into a luxurious Nairobi hotel compound and killed at least 21 people and forced others to flee from the scene has been killed. It was believed that around 50 people who were present within the building complex till Wednesday afternoon remained unaccounted. Kenya Red Cross stated that the final death toll can rise even more.

As the 20-hour overnight siege ended, the bloodstained bodies of five attackers were aired across social media. President Uhuru Kenyatta issued this statement after the hotel siege came to an end. The hotel siege that took place on Wednesday mirrored a 2013 assault that killed 67 people in the Westgate shopping centre.
Al Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate is regarded to be the deadliest extremist group that has been battling to enforce strict Islamic law, claimed responsibility of the assault. It stated that conducted the attack in reprisal for U.S. President Donald Trump’s judgment to consider Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Kenyatta announced during the broadcast national address that the military operation is over and all the terrorists are dead. However, he did not mention the total number of attackers present, but CCTV footage disclosed at least five men dressed in black, and some even sported green grenade belts.
In one clip, one militant was seen waiting outside a restaurant before blowing himself up in a cloud of debris just after 3 p.m. (1200 GMT). Another explosion near the entrance gate, likely a bomb, flare up three cars before four men wandering by firing assault rifles and divided into two groups.
Police chief Joseph Bonnet stated that sixteen Kenyans, which include a policeman – an American 9/11 survivor, and a British development worker were among the victims.

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