Key Mountain Range in Sa’ada Seized by Yemen Forces

Yemeni government forces seized a series of vital mountains situated in the far northern province of Sa’ada. Sa’ada which lies near the Saudi border is considered to be a stronghold of the Al Houthi militants.

According to military sources, the capture of the Mazher Mountains that overlooks the district of Baqim is a big achievement for them. It became possible after a subjective military campaign taken against the Al Houthis. This statement was issued by a commander of the Yemeni army.

Over the last few weeks, a Saudi-led Arab coalition stepped up their attacks on Sa’ada. The attack was a part of the multi-front campaign against the Al Houthis who have captured Yemen. As a matter of fact, Sa’ada was used as a launch pad by the Iran affiliated militants. The military officials used this place to fire ballistic missiles beyond the border into Saudi Arabia.

With the government forces taking full control of the Mazher Mountains, the road leading to a village Mazhar came under their control. Hence, all supplies for the Al Houthis could be cut off.

The offensive against Sa’ada took place during the time when a military action to expel the Al Houthis from the Red Sea city of Hodeida was taking place. Hodeida is considered to be an important place for its harbor and a major lifeline for millions of Yemenis. The coalition fighting can help to restore the internationally recognized government and the harbor which the Al Houthis are misusing.

The coalition is stated to renew the fighting after a week long pause effort made by the UN. However, as the Al Houthis understand only military action so the government has decided to carry on planned fights against them. The biggest success against the Al Houthis is the seizing of key mountain chains by the Yemen military. As now the military actions against the Houthis can be carried swiftly.


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