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The Libyan army eliminates 12 terroristssouth of the country Yemen

The Military Information Division of the Libyan National Army announced the elimination of 12 terrorists belonging to ISIS during a qualitative operation against remnants of a terrorist organization hiding in the mountains of Al-Haruj south of the city of Fukaha.

The Libyan army issued a statement on Friday, saying: “The forces have eliminated more than 12 ISIS terrorist elements, in the area of the south of the Hawjis. The statement added that the terrorist elements were taken from the mountains of Al-Haruj, where they hiding and planning to carry out attacks on the areas of fuqaha, Tragun and Ghadwa.

LNA is still dealing with the remnants of terrorist groups in southern Libya. The Libyan army managed to defeat the terrorist militias and repel their attack on Tripoli airport on Thursday.

The militias have tried More than twenty attacks so far on the Tripoli International Airport and every time THE LNA defeated them, they returned disappointed every time leaving behind them their dead terrorist bodies and burned cars Earlier, the battalion Khalid bin Walid of the Libyan National Army said they surrounded a group of terrorist elements fleeing south of the area of scholars.

The information office of the battalion said: “The LNA forces destroyed a group of armed vehicles belonging to terrorist elements in an ambush in the area of Haruj, and clashes with them are still going on The media office said that “the ambush led to the killing of six elements likely to belong to ISIS and the wounding of others.”The Libyan National Army has been engaged in a military operation since April 4 to clear the capital Tripoli of militias and terrorist groups.

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