Migrant Flow Growth at the Mexican Border Shelters Increase Tension

The arrival of the first few hundreds of the migrants in their caravans at the Mexican border city of Tijuana is extending to the limit shelters which are already overflowing with people. Some sparking signs have also been seen that there can be friction among the population, the migrants. Thousands of Honduran migrants have set off for the United States in mid-October with lugging heavy bundles and small children to flee from the situation of their homeland, violence, and poverty. The number of caravans carrying migrants was unprecedented and it was not expected by the border city of Mexico that so many people will arrive. Along with those migrants, two of the other copycat groups that are mostly made up of El Salvadorans followed behind of them.
Declaration has already been made by Donald Trump, the US president that all the caravans are invasions that are being made by the migrants. He also threatened that the Mexico-US border should be closed down so they can be kept outside. He has also instructed more than 7000 troops for reinforcing the frontier that includes Tijuana with barbed wire. But people have not stopped from trying to reach and cross the borders so that they can take shelter there. It includes all those who have come in caravans and others who are traveling independently from Central America. All the Mexicans are fleeing the violent situations in the states that are cartel-plagued.
Director of the 2000 migrant shelter at Juventud, Jose Maria Garcia, said that the authorities have already been warned about the situation from the time the Honduran caravan set out with the migrant refugees. They were already operating at the capacity in the border cities of Mexico such as Mexicali and Tijuana.

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