Minster Not Ready to Share Intelligence Information With Corbyn

The government has decided not to share the entire intelligence report on the nerve agent attack case in Salisbury with Jeremy Corbyn. The government also said that the information regarding the case should be confined to few individuals. The security minister, Ben Wallace said, the number of people who have access to sensitive information should be kept less so that the lives of the agents of the intelligentsia are not put at risk.

The leader of the Labour party has received the briefings on the terms of the privy council but they were not given access to the information regarding David Cameron to Ed Miliband over the case in Syria in 2013. to this Wallace added, the number of people having access to such sensitive and the high-profile information is kept less because the government does not want to put lives at risk. To this, Wallace insisted there is no doubt on the allegations made on Russia about the spy poisoning case and the attempted matter of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Still, now there are no clear shreds of evidence that Russia is behind such a dreadful attack.

The Labour party got angry when Wallace pointed out that Corbyn might leak out the information while playing some kind of party politics. A spokesperson of the party said, the foreign secretary Boris Johnson has failed to account for himself and will be available to answer serious questions. Torris has attempted another irresponsible act which has been criticized by Borris’s attempt to mislead the masses. Wallace should not be playing party politics which would bring the country’s security plans at stake.

The minister defended the decision which was taken to limit the flow of information to Corbyn because the foreign allies are determined by the fact the Russain is responsible for the nerve agent attack.



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