Missile Launch Site of Al Houthi has been Destroyed

A military coalition led by Saudi Arabia announced that it had destroyed sites used by the Al Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen to launch missiles at the kingdom. The coalition announced that it has defended the authority of Yemen’s internationally recognized government. The military forces made this announcement through a joint statement and stated that the destruction of the ballistic missile sites in Saada, a northern Yemeni province that borders Saudi Arabia to be the greatest achievements.

Meanwhile Yemen’s west coast witnessed a heavy fighting between the pro-government forces and Al Houthis. The fighting left dozens of people dead.

Over the last few weeks, the government forces backed by the coalition have been slowly progressing in the area. The coalition forces are fighting against the Iran allied Al Houthis. The fighting intensified with the government forces trying to recapture the port city of Hodeida. In fact, the government has been carrying out an assault in order to seize The Al Houthi occupied district of Zabid, south of Hodeida. Basically, the onslaught is being carried out by ground troops who are using advanced weapons, such as shoulder-fired missile.

Although the battle to capture Zabid took many lives

The Saudi led coalition launched airstrikes on Yemen’s port city of Hodeida, restarting military operations on the Red Sea port city after the ceasefire from 1st July. According to sources, the strikes carried out by the Saudi coalition started midnight with a Houthi military police camp being attacked. Rebels responded to the strikes by attacking two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea.

The Saudi led coalition started the campaign to retake Hodeida, while the UAE troops and pro-government fighters backed Yemen’s exiled government. The coalition targeted Al Houthis in the district of Al Durayhimi with air strikes. The air strikes are putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk. However, the massive airstrikes helped to retake Hodeida.


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