In Mozambique, Women and Children Beheaded in Horrifying Attack

Muslim militants had executed 10 villagers in northern Mozambique. Women and children were also in the list of the 10 executed villagers. The Muslim militants had taken up this action because they feared that the Islamist extremists had started gaining a strong place in Africa. The village of Mojane was attacked which portrayed horrifying scenario carried out by a group called Ansar al-Sunna.
A raid had taken place in Cabo Delgado, which is Mozambique’s most northerly province. The scrutiny on Gemfields which is a British Mining Company would be renewed. The abuses had allegedly created the grounds for the extremist recruitment. Four women and two children were beheaded among the ten villagers who had lost their lives. The villagers were not given an opportunity to raise an alarm because the men had emerged quietly from the forest.
The militants were extremely swift in their work and worked in a methodical manner. Before the security forces could arrive, the militants had already escaped. The attacks were expected because the moderate Muslim clerics had informed the local authorities regarding the arrival of foreign radicals. The foreign radicals were the followers of Aboud Rogo Mohammed, a Kenyan cleric who was murdered in 2012.
Two mosques had been established by the extremists where they had begun preaching hate. The group was known as al Shabaab and they are not related to the Somali Islamist militia possessing the same name. Cabo Delgado should be the richest province but it is the poorest of all provinces. Cabo Delgado contains large gas and oil reserves and it also had the largest pink sapphire and ruby deposits in the world. Gemsfields was accused of permitting their security guards to beat up, shoot and sexually abuse around 100 people.


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