The Muslim Brotherhood Is More Deadly than Daash and al Qaeda in Germany

According to a latest report, the Muslim Brotherhood holds a powerful and meaningful impact on the Muslim community in Germany. Depending on the internal intelligence service, the ‘Islamic Society’ in Germany, presents a danger to democracy.

The German security authorities deem the Muslim Brotherhood movement on an average to be more deadly than its terrorist organization and al-Qa’eda on democratic life in Germany.

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the request for organizations or mosques which are closely associated with Muslim Brotherhood has become a disorder.

The security authorities are worried about the effect of Muslim Brotherhood on the Supreme Council of Muslims in Germany. The main spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood network in Germany is the Islamic Society of Germany, which is a “registered association” in Cologne. The report revealed an evaluation of the security tool of the Islamic Society of Germany, stating that the attempts to set up a social and political system depending on the Sharia are a breach of the free democratic system. However, unlike Egypt, in Germany, the Muslim Brotherhood is not branded as a terrorist organization.

Burkhard Freier, head of intelligence in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, stated that the Islamic Society of Germany and also the network of active organizations are pursuing, regardless of the claim of rejection. Freier cautioned that the power of the Muslim Brotherhood can be a greater threat to German democracy rather than the fundamental Salafi movement that backs its terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or Da’ash.

German intelligence service stated that the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood carry out a school program apart from a far-reaching structure of Muslims and those engrossed in religion belonging to all age groups.

Besides the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, the network of Muslim Brotherhood is growing in eastern Germany. Since mid-2016, the General Welfare Association in the states of Saxony and Brandenburg has inaugurated eight mosques.

The report points that for an area where the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood are deficient, large buildings are being built and refugees are shaped by the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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