By Next Week Trump Might Declare That the ISIS Has Been Defeated Completely

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump stated that he is expecting to formally announce very soon that the coalition fighting Islamic State fighters has recovered all of the territory that was previously under the control of the militant group. He vowed that as the US military is focused on combating the extremists, the ISIS would be gradually losing all its territory.

Trump conveyed this news with the foreign ministers and other senior officials from 79 nations who have worked with the US to deal with the extremist group in Syria and Iraq.

Previously, Trump’s decision to pull out the US forces from Syria has spurt criticism at home from Republican and Democratic legislators, who fear that after the US force withdrawal, the Islamic State might reclaim its power. In fact, the coalition partners were taken by surprise by the sudden declaration of the president. The coalition partners who consist of Kurdish and Arab militias were the most efficient against the Islamic State.

A top US Army general stated that the group might face a rebirth after US withdrawal. At the State Department, Trump told a gathering that the United States military, their coalition partners and the Syrian Democratic Forces have freed virtually all of the territory earlier held by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He stated that the accomplishment could be formally announced, presumably next week, and they will be able to have 100% of the caliphate.

The meeting with senior coalition officials, which took place on Wednesday, was the first of a kind since Trump proclaimed U.S. troops would withdraw. Participants consisted of foreign ministers from France, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Hakim urged nations to help expose the Islamic State “sleeper cells” in Iraq and revive stability.

Trump even stated that he would do whatever might be required in order to defeat the ISIS completely and protect people from radical Islamic terrorism. However, the coalition should continue to offer support to the Iraq government in order to protect the liberated areas of the nation.

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