Nineteen Dead in Afghanistan After Suicide Bomber Targets a Group of Sikhs and Hindus

A suicide bomber launched an attack in a city in Eastern Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani was present in the city at that time and the attack had claimed the life of at least 19 people, out of which many were Sikhs. The attack launched by the suicide bomber was the latest violence which had attacked the country.

The attacker had targeted a market which is located hundreds of meters from the compound of the provincial governor and President Ghani had been holding his meeting there. Among the 19 individuals who had lost their lives, 12 were Sikhs and Hindus. Around 20 other people had been injured. The scene at the hospital was unfortunate as the relatives wept and grieved and hugged each other while they waited for the news of their family members.

Provincial health director Najibullah Kamawal confirmed that around 19 people had lost their lives in the attack. The intended target of attack was not yet clear because a small community of Sikhs and Hindus reside in a country which is dominated by a Muslim population. Interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish stated that a suicide bomber had launched an attack. He also mentioned that Ghani was still in Nangarhar but he was out of danger.

Ghani had arrived in Jalalabad on Sunday in order to inaugurate a hospital and it was a part of his two-day visit to the province which bordered Pakistan. The attack had followed Ghani’s order to the security forces to start the offensive attack against Taliban after the completion of the 8-day ceasefire issued by the government. The unilateral truce of the government had overlapped the three-day ceasefire which for Eid by the Taliban. The ceasefire over the holiday had never happened before and the Taliban fighters, war-weary civilians and security forces celebrated the festival in unison.


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