Nobel Laureate’s Widow Released from House Arrest

The Chinese government allowed Liu Xia, the widow of the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, to embark a plane to Germany. Liu Xia was allowed to leave Berlin on 10th July, 2018, almost a year since the death of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiabo. According to the human rights officials, allowing Liu Xia to move to Germany eventually put an end to the eight-year ordeal of house arrest.

The German government negotiated Liu Xia’s release as the health of Xia started to deteriorate all throughout the eight years. According to the China’s director at Human Rights Watch, it is a great relief for them as Xia has been allowed to leave China and seek freedom abroad.

The campaigning of the German government along with some activists played a crucial role in seeking the release of Liu Xia. The release of Xia comes just a few days before the one-year death anniversary of Xiaobo.

Sources informed that Liu Xia, an artist, poet, and a photographer was never charged of any crime. However, since her husband was provided the Nobel Peace Prize, she was held under house arrest. Even when her husband was hospitalized till his death, she was not allowed to speak freely with the media, family members, and friends.

Since the death of her husband, the authorities kept a close watch on her home, only allowing few family members and friends to speak to her on phone or visit her. The eight long years of house-arrest lead Liu Xia into depression and other ailments.

According to some authorities Liu Hui remained in China while her sister Liu Xia left Beijing for Europe. However, Xia hoped that she would be allowed to leave China along with her brother.

The release of Liu Xia proved that continuous international pressure can make positive human rights development in China. On upcoming EU-China summit and Asia-Europe summit, constant public pressure would be placed on other Chinese activists who have been wrongly detained in prisons.


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