One Third of UN Workers Claim To Have Been Sexually Heckled Over the Past Two Years

According to a report issued by the UN on 15th January, it was revealed that one-third of the UN staff and contractors suffered sexual harassment over the past two years.
The online survey was conducted by Deloitte in November last year. It was done by 30,364 people from the UN and its agencies, which consist of only 17% of those that are eligible.
In a letter addressed to the staff of UN, Secretary General Antonio Guterres termed the response rate as fairly low. He even stated in the letter the response indicates two things. Firstly, much more needs to be done before the issue of sexual harassment can be openly discussed; secondly, there might be a continuing sense of mistrust, sense of passivity, and lack of responsibility. The survey comes amidst the wider ‘Me Too’ movement that is taking place all over the globe against the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment at the workplace.
Based on the report, 21.7% of the responders stated that they were exposed to offensive jokes and sexual stories; whereas 14.2% stated offensive remarks were made about their body shape, appearance, and sexual activities. 13% stated that they were directed into talks on sexual issues through unwelcome endeavours.
10.9% stated that they faced gestures or use of body language which was of sexual nature, which ashamed or offended them, and 10.1% were touched in a way that made them very uncomfortable.
Over half of those who faced sexual harassment stated that in most cases the sexual harassment took place in an office environment, while 17.1% stated that it took place during the work-related social event.
Based on the survey, two out of three harassers were male. Only, one in three people stated that they took steps after going through sexual harassment. Guterres stated that the report included some significant statistics and proof of what needs to be changed in order to make the place a harassment-free environment.
The United Nations has tried to boost clarity and reinforce how it deals with such blames over the last few years after a series of sexual exploitation and abuse charge against U.N. peacekeepers in Africa came up.

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