Pakistan Failing on Human Rights Issues

An independent right group in Pakistan reported that Pakistan has failed to make an improvement on many issues. Th issues on which Pakistan was failed to make improvement ranges from the protection of religious minorities to disappearance of rights for women. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said according to its reports many people still continue to disappear because they criticize the military or they say things about strengthening the country’s relation with India.

A controversial blasphemy law which is against dissidents still prevails in the country. It contains cases of accusations that someone has involved themselves in some activities against Islam which led to violence among the masses. Deaths in Pakistan which are linked to terrorist activities have decreased in Pakistan but cases of attacks on the minorities have risen.

The reports that came out aimed at the bigotry in Pakistan and the reluctance of the government to stay away from the religious zealots. The groups which are conservative in nature are continuing to resist laws which are aimed at decreasing violence among women and to reduce gender segregation. The freedom of association and the freedom of expression is under attack, except for those who belong to the different religious banners.

2017 was a troublesome year for the bloggers, journalists and the activists in Pakistan because they challenged the military there. Several of them were detained and many of them fled away from the country after they came out from the prisons.

In December, Raza Mehmood Khan, a dissident who worked with schoolchildren on the two sides of the outskirt to cultivate better relations with India was grabbed by a few men accepted to be from the ISI in the wake of leaving a gathering that censured religious fanaticism.


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