Pakistan PM Meets US Peace Envoy Requests Help on Afghan War

On Wednesday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan met a US peace envoy and promised to offer help in order to find a political solution to the long-running battle in neighboring country Afghanistan.

After a special request from US President Donald Trump, Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. special representative to Afghanistan, paid a visit to Islamabad. Trump demanded help from Pakistan in order to bring an end to the 17-year old war that is taking place between the western-backed Afghan government and the Taliban revolutionary.

Khalilzad, an Afghan-born U.S. diplomat who performed as George W. Bush’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Nations, was chosen by Trump as a special envoy to discuss peace in Afghanistan three months ago. From Khan’s office during a statement, it was made clear that the Prime Minister echoed Pakistan’s steadfast interest in attaining peace and harmony in Afghanistan through political agreement.

Trump’s approach to Khan reflects an exchange of stinging tweets between the leaders last month. Officially both are allies in their fight against terrorism, but Pakistan and the United States have a problematic relationship, restrained by Washington’s confidence on Pakistan to furnish its troops in Afghanistan, where the United States still has 14,000 troops; however, afflicted by charges of Islamabad playing a double game.

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