Palestinian Accuses Qatar of Establishing a Separate Palestine in Gaza

Recent news state that, last Tuesday Palestine officials accused Qatar’s envoy Mohammed Al-Emadi of creating a separate Palestine state. The stem of the accusation rose when Al-Emadi proposed to Israel the creation of an airport in the Gaza Strip. For this purpose, he even donated Qatari grant of $15 million to the Gaza Strip.
This action garnered Al-Emadi severe criticism from the officials of Palestine who suspect that the airport is just a convenience. The real motive is this is Qatar’s scheme with Israel and America to conjure up ways to damage the Palestinian national project. In fact, Qatar is planning to implement the “deal of the century” by Donald Trump with the establishment of the airport.
The deal of the century as speculated is about bringing back peace in the Middle East. However, Qatar officials claim that the deal is merely a controversy to liquidate the city of Palestine and create a new one in its stead.
Further, Qatar’s PLO official, Mohammed Majdalani said the building of the airport was a direct attack on the sovereignty of Palestine. He claimed that if Qatar involves itself in the affairs of Palestine, it’ll cause more divisions’ ion the country and this could lead to severe political unrest.

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