Phantom Organization Gets Exposed

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain and Europe, Geneva branch disclosed in a film the reality investigation of what actually is happening within the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Misleading facts were unveiled through fake and fictitious organizations that were being operated by the members of an international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and internationally classified figures of terrorism. The film, titled ‘The Faked Organization’ being a case in point tries to address the reality of the organization known as IUN Watch. The organization has become very popular in the Qatari media which is headed by Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera is a state-funded broadcaster of Qatar who is broadcasting news of attacks on Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and in many other countries.

The film showcased that the name of the alleged organization has been stolen from UN Watch in order to promote the fake organization in Arabic. UN Watch is a well-known Geneva-based non-government organization with advisory capacity set up in 1993.

The short film that lasted for only 7 minutes, documents the disapproval of the original organization about their supposed links with the purported organization. In a telephonic interview, UN Watch conveyed their shock at the existence of an organization with the same name. The spokesperson of UN Watch also denied any connection with any report or statement published on Al-Jazeera or on the attack on countries calling to fight for terrorism or even the boycott of Qatar.

The film disclosed the myth of the phantom organization. According to the organization’s website, they have its office in Geneva, New York, and Vienna. However, when a delegation of the Arab Organization visited New York and Vienna, they couldn’t find the existence of any such offices of the alleged organization. Hence, the Arab Organization confirmed that the existence of the offices of the organization is only for the Qatari media and social networking sites.

The film even showed the testimony of a former trainee of the so-called organization, who remained with the product team after research on the social networking sites. According to reports, the organizer of the organization is Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss of Egyptian origin and grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna.

A witness stated that he was given the charge to prepare reports and hostile activities against Saudi Arabia and the UAE. About the organization’s work, he stated that the funding comes from the country’s classified terrorist named Abdel Rahman al-Nuaimi, who is the head and financier of the Karama Human Rights Foundation in Doha.

It is being said that the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain is a phantom organization run by Mohammed Jamil.


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